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Mr. Shaikh Haider, the Founder of APNA SAHARA recalled the story of how his wife Humera and he established this care home despite their limited resources, two decades ago.APNA SAHARA considers children who have lost one or both parents to be orphans. Through our Orphan Sponsorship Program, APNA SAHARA goal is to provide care and assistance to those children who have lost their parents’ love and support, allowing them to thrive and receive an education. Children are the most vulnerable members of society who need consistent and comprehensive care and support to grow and prosper. APNA SAHARA provides orphaned children with hope, love and prospects for the future.We strive to be an exceptional relief and development organization utilizing sustainable methods, while modeling the spirit of cooperative internationalism that will be essential in an increasingly unstable world. As a direct result of our reputation for path-breaking humanitarianism with a global vision, we are rapidly growing in reach and capacity. Every year brings new projects that expand the scope of our work and deepen its impact on the communities we serve.


We foster charitable giving to alleviate the immediate needs and ensure the self-reliance of the poorest people. We believe that people of privilege can “purify” their wealth through charity, and those tried with loss are accorded a rightful share from the resources of the affluent.


To bring hope to the Orphans of the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, children’s Bibles, educational assistance, adoption advocacy and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community.


President: Humera shaik ;  Vice President: Huma tarannum shaik General ; Secretary: Shaik Hyder ; Joint Secretary: Mohammed Afsaruddin ; Treasurer: Mohammed Ibrahim Khaleelullah ; Executive Member(Advisory): Tabassum Shaik;  Executive Member(Advisory): Shaik Mukarram


Thank You for the Donation!! Your Donation helps Apna sahara continue to deliver needs for ORPHANS and DISADVANTAGED children, We truly appreciate your thoughtful contribution to Apna Sahara. As a volunteer-powered organization, we are able to serve many orphans each year beacuse of supporters like you. We sincerely hope that you will stay involved
  • Shazadmohammed Khan
  • Adil Bhai
  • Dr. Sadeqha Babar
  • Sajid Bhai
  • Md. Khaja(c/o. Akbar Bhai)
  • Syed Osman

Taking care of less fortunate children is the collective responsbility of an ideal Society, more so of an Islamic one. We at Dawn believe in and adopt this concept religiously incorporating these children (all between the ages 5-16 years), free of cost, into Dawn’s mainstream school was a glant effort in a noble direction, providing that we take our faith and moral obligations seriously.